Hello –

I’m Nick Karwisch.

I am an Azure Backup and Recovery Services support engineer at Microsoft. This blog serves as a common-place for scenarios that I encounter, as well as possible resolutions to issues related to the technologies that I work with, or have worked with in the past.

Bio –

I have worked in technology for the past 12 years. Starting with personal projects in my late teens working with web design, game server hosting and basic coding. From the age of 20 to 24, I continued working personal projects alongside a normal data entry job that bloomed into a role with support. Support is my passion and knowledge-sharing is just as huge for me.

At 24, I achieved my first role within the information technology field working for a business in Charlotte, North Carolina as a bench technician where I worked day to day on machines resolving issues. After stepping into this role, the company I worked for fueled my passion for technology by allowing me to grow into elevated roles within the company, starting with bench technician work, all the way up to full scale environment architecture implementations.

In my role as a systems architect, I implemented solutions from on-premise to cloud based solutions. From the users desktop to the gateway, I assisted companies with implementing a solution catered to their environment. Virtualization involving Hyper-V and VMware. Networking from the layer 1 switches to the gateway appliances. Deploying productivity suites such as Office 365 and Google Apps for Work (G-Suite) to environments while also training users on how to utilize everything at their fingertips. I’ve implemented and supported full scale domain roll-outs, upgrades and migrations.

I’ve specialized in authentication for the past 4 years and have recently transitioned technology focus to disaster recovery solutions. I have a security mindset, be it piece of mind during log in, or recovering your environment from a disaster.